Eurasian Commercial and Technical Cooperation

At present, the world is working on a new order - a political order, a military order, and an economic order. The political and military order is supported by the economic order. Therein lies the importance of economics. Cross-national technical and financial cooperation of actors - companies and individuals -- are the 2 most important areas of the world's economic order.


Mok GmbH was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Son-Fung Mok in Stuttgart and has been working as  consultants in these fields since 1997. Starting from cooperation between German and Chinese companies, activities are expanding between Germany and East Asia including Southeast Asia, where industry and technology have gained global importance. The current geopolitical and military situation is accelerating the unbundling and amending of supply chains. China is still an important link in the chain, but the other countries in East and Southeast Asia are also blessed with competent and sometimes low-cost and therefore competitive manufacturing enterprises that can complement or even replace China. They are turning to become important members in the supply chains. There, start-up mentality, capital and educated and trained workforce are abundant. Many German companies and individuals are looking for all kinds of cooperation with counter parts in East and Southeast Asia. After Germany and Southeast Asia we will extend our activities worldwide.


For such cooperation we provide a platform We publish projects in supply chains, technologies, companies, shares and participations of suppliers for the search of investors, start-up founders and entrepreneurs who want new products or improvement of their company products. Using this platform they can reach potential partners in Asia and also in the world. Their requests and needs are also published here. Users of this platform can exchange directly with each other and then establish cooperation.   


The platform is maintained in English, German, Simplified Chinese and Classical Chinese. English for Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia; German for DACH, Simplified Chinese (Jianti) for PR China, Singapore; Classical Chinese (Fanti) for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese in Southeast Asia. Interested platform users can place an entry about their inquiry. If necessary, we can perform translation work. Interested parties may take up contact directly to the offeror of the project or via us. For further advice and consultation service, we are at your disposal.


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The project information has been delivered by the clients. Mok GmbH may not be taken responsible for the correctness of the project information.


Project M382 Magnetic from Germany

Highly specialized mechanical engineer - magnet technology – Factory and Technology on sale

Purchase price € 727,000

Annual turnover € 1,550,000

EBITDA € 217,000

The company

For sale is a company that has been active on the market since 1989 and is run as a limited company, which has specialized in the field of special machine construction in the magnet sector. The ISO 9001 certified company is active in the segments of conveying technology, filter technology, sounding technology and special machine construction and has a deep added value as well as strong unique selling points. Especially in the field of recycling, the company offers further potential through its magnet technology. An increasing challenge is the recycling of rotor blades from wind turbines, which can be solved by the company's machines and technologies. Furthermore, the company is the exclusive producer for a globally active industrial kitchen manufacturer.

The company currently employs 10 people and has employed a managing director since 2017, who previously managed the development and construction as an employee. Five employees (including mechanics and locksmiths) work full-time and another five employees work on a part time basis. The two owners are no longer operationally active in the company and are jointly responsible for controlling. The presence of the owners is limited to one or two days per month in the company. An external company with two engineers has rented premises in the business premises. If necessary, the know-how of the two engineers can be called upon.

With the departure of the two shareholders from the management, the ownership structure was separated from the management. The new owner may keep the managing director and free himself from daily work,

The average order backlog is six to eight weeks. Orders for turned parts, flame-cut parts and welding are subcontracted by the company. Rare earths are sourced from China to save costs. The current net stock of goods amounts to € 300,000 and is to be taken over by the purchaser in addition to the purchase price in the amount of 50 %. The company's customers include milling companies, industrial kitchen manufacturers and recycling companies.

The current owners' wish is that the company continues in a similar tradition and that the company's employees are taken over by a successor.


The company has 4,789 m² of land available here as operating space, which includes 625 m² of hall space and 245 m² of office space. The property incl. land is optionally for sale with the company for a total amount of € 742,000 or can be rented for € 56,250 net per year.

Converted space hall 4,633.48 m³

Converted space office building 1,088.96 m³

Parking lots 16 pcs.

Year of manufacture 1992


Project 3217: Investment in 4 star hotel in Dusseldorf, Germany

1. Hotel                          4 star business hotel in Dusseldorf, the capital of Nort-Rhine-Westphalia, on the river Rhine.

2. Location                   The business hotel is located on the banks of the river Rhine, close to the city centre.

3. Year of construction/ The hotel has been opened in 2001 and has been completely re-

refurbishment       furbished in 2016.


4. Land                          1,232 m² rectangular freehold land.

5. Area                                      m²  (rentable area).

6. Floors                        9 floors.

7.  Rooms                     c. 140 rooms.

8. Parking spaces      25 own parking places in the basement, public parking spaces next to the hotel.

9. Other facilities        2 meeting halls for up to 180 participants, restaurant & bar, conference rooms, fitness centre, SPA area (sauna), ground terrace and roof terrace.

10. Operator                   Renowned international hotel chain.

11. Rent agreement                      Until 2030.                .

12. Offer                          100 % freehold property of the hotel with the existing rent agreement, preferably as “share deal” (e.g. 89.5 % in the first step for property transfer tax reasons).

13. Asking price            EUR 51 million for 100 % of the property.

14.  Procedure               More detailed information after declaration of continued interest and proof of funds. 

15. Remuneration         Success fee of 3 % of the transaction value, plus 19.6 % VAT, payable by the Buyer the day of the signing of the purchase or of another co-operation agreement in relation to this offer.


Contact data and detailed information available:




Project 3218: Investment in business hotel in Stuttgart, Germny



  1. Hotel


New 3-star premium business hotel in Stuttgart, capital of the federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

  2. Location

The hotel is located in the north of Stuttgart, close to a motorway exit and in 7 min. walking distance to the railway station direction Stuttgart main station.

  3. Year of construction

2021. The hotel opened in December 2021.

  5. Land

c. 1,935 m² freehold land.

  6. Area (GFA / BGF)

c. 6,500 m² GFA (BGF).

33 parking places whereof 20 in the basement.

  7. Rooms      

136 rooms whereof 20 suites.

  8. Tenant

Renowned German hotel group.

  9. Rent income

EUR 987,360 in year 5.

10. Offer

100 % of the freehold hotel and annexe inclusive rent agreements.

11. Asking price

EUR 17 million.

12. Yield

5.8 % p.a. gross yield in year 5.

13. Further procedure

Detailed information available after receipt of NDA with success fee plus POF.

14. Remuneration

Success fee of 5 % + VAT of transaction value, payable by the Buyer the day of the notarisation of the sales and purchase agreement and/or of the signature of any other type of agreement in relation to this offer.



Chinese companies are looking for:


Project 332: Packaging machines for medicines, share purchase, joint venture
A large Chinese manufacturing company of packaging machines for medicines, existing for 25 years, with 280 employees on 38 000 sqm factory area, produces about 1000 machines per year and exports to 80 countries in the world. Over 3000 pharmaceutical companies in China are among the customers of this company. It owns 19 patents and is the technical leader in China. It is looking for close cooperation with companies in the same industry outside of China. The cooperation can consist of: Investment, purchase of business shares, purchase of technologies, establishment of a joint ventures, joint production, etc.


Project 328: Hardening shop

A market leader with 7 hardening shops in China, distributed in 7 regions, is looking for a cooperation with hardening shop outside of China. This offers a lot of capital, well equipped plants and a very large customer base. These forms are sought:

1.    Capital investment

2.    Purchase of company shares

3.    Establishment of a joint venture

4.    Purchase of technologies


Project 326: Cutting tools, CNC machines, microwave technology, robots

An industrial group, founded in 1958, with fixed assets of 350 million euros, sales of 125 million euros and 63 million euros profit per year, more than 1000 employees, 200 of them in research and development, is looking for participation or acquisition of manufacturing companies of cutting tools, CNC machines, microwave technology, robots.


Project 325: Mold maker for plastic injection molding

A large company for the production of decorative plastic parts, e.g. chrome and nickel plated parts for cars, 3000 employees, 200 million Euro annual turnover, is looking for cooperation with a technically potent mold maker for injection molding: e.g. investment, acquisition of company or company shares, technology purchase, marketing, etc. So far, this Chinese entrepreneur has had mold tools manufactured externally. Now he wants to design and build them himself. He also wants to greatly expand the product range.


One or more of the following forms of cooperation may be established:

1. investment from China

2. purchase of foreign company shares, from 30% up to 100%

3. joint development of the market

4. establishment of a joint venture

5. purchase of technology in mold making


Project 323: Chinese Filling machine manufacturer seeks cooperation

The company generates with 48 employees on 3600 sqm hall area about 4 million Euro turnover per year. It develops and produces filling machines for liquids and pastes as well as other packaging machines. These are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries.  It is looking for cooperation in every possible form, also for other products.

Project 322: Chin. Alu forge seeks cooperation

It produces forged aluminum parts for engines and other aggregates, forged arms and levers of all kinds made of aluminum and iron, shock absorbers, transmission parts, rubber parts for shock absorbers, altogether more than 5 000 different products for almost all automotive plants in China. With 368 employees, including 30 engineers, on 92 000 square meters of factory area, the company achieves 15 million euros turnover per year. The export markets are in Europe, North America and South America. Cooperation partners are sought in the following forms: Investment, participation, acquisition, technology transfer, joint production, sales in China and Europe.


Project 320: Leading production company for seals in China seeks cooperation partner in Germany

The company was founded ten years ago and is now regarded in China as the market leader in sealing elements, especially in seals for the powertrain in automobiles. 350 employees, including 56 engineers, work on 30,000 square meters of workshop area in a 50,000 square meter plant area. The company has a large sales network in China and modern production facilities and competent capacities in research and development. Non-asbestos materials made of metal, rubber and plastics are processed for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering, automotive, construction, etc. The factory is certified according to AOQC, OHSAS18001ISO14001 and ISO9001 by GCS with ISO/TS16949. Wanted partners for:


- Acquisition of technology in material, application and production

- Acquisition of company shares

- Capital investment

- Sales of sealing products


Project 319: Large household electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

The promoter runs a major industrial group in the sectors of automotive parts, sanitary ware and household appliances with 9 plants, 60 million Euro share capital, over 1000 employees, of which over 100 are engineers, and has an annual turnover of more than 30 million Euro. For new products of electric household appliances, especially white goods, the group intends to invest up to 10 million euros in cash to acquire technology and company shares, to enforce production and sale worldwide.


Project 318: Automotive engine parts and other aggregates

The promoter is a supplier in the automotive industry and wants to use its connections, industry knowledge and accumulated capital to produce parts for engines and bring them to the market worldwide. His business employs 130 people to date and has annual sales of 20 million euros. To acquire company shares and technologies, he can provide up to 8 million euros in cash. Another 13 million euros can be raised through bank loans. In addition to engine parts, other units such as brake systems, clutches, etc. are also eligible.


Project 317: Packaging machines

The promoter has been developing and producing packaging machines since 1989. With 104 employees, it generated 7 million euros in sales last year. It has been awarded 18 patents. The company is ISO 9001 and EC certified and sells its packaging machines to 40 countries, in addition to China. In 2011, this won 186 customers abroad: 48 in Europe, 58 in America, 45 in Asia, 22 in Australia, 13 in Africa. With the profit accumulated in recent years, the owner and some of his Chinese industry colleagues want to establish cooperation outside of China in 5 forms and are looking for foreign partners:

1.    Buy shares in companies outside of China

2.    Buy technology

3.    Establish joint ventures

4.    Produce machine parts and component for foreign partners

5.    Selling products via foreign partners worldwide


Project 316: Capacitors

The promoter develops and produces capacitors especially for the electrolytic processes of aluminum, LED, medical and telecommunication devices. They are characterized by high voltage, high frequency, high capacitance, long life, which can be used in high and low temperature (up to -55o C). They are sold to Japan, Korea, Europe, America and Southeast Asia in addition to domestic markets. We are looking for partners for cooperation and sales.


Project 315: Pressing, stamping, forging

The promoter has been in existence for over 40 years. The staff counts 800, including 78 engineers and 195 technicians. On the 200 000 sq.m. factory area, they produce machines for pressing, punching, and forging with up to 50 000 kN and 800 1/min, accuracy up to 0.01 mm. They are sold, except in China, everywhere to Asia, including Japan, and to USA, etc. We are looking for partners in cooperation in design and production, as well as in sales.


Project 314: Technology for CNC precision machines

The promoter has existed since 2001 and has 220 employees, 88 of whom are engineers. It is actively engaged in research and development and owns more than 30 patents, which are used in the following self-developed machines: Multi-axis machining centers, machines for metalworking such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, used intensively in the production of compressors, screw spindles, linear drives, etc. We are looking for partners for cooperation in the design and production of CNC machines and high-precision machines, including sales.


Project 313: Engraving technology and CAD/CAM milling

Same promoter as Proj. 308, looking for partners to deliver the technology, technological cooperation and sales. 


Project 312: Contour detection

Same project sponsor as Proj. 308. Technology for visual recognition of contours of spatial surfaces is sought.


Project 311: Sensor technology for high-precision magneto-electrical angular displacement

Same project sponsor as Proj. 308.


Project 310: Optical etching technology

Same promoter as Proj. 308, looking for optical etching technology with high precision photoelectric coding.


Project 309: Ball screw

Same project sponsor as Proj. 308. Technology sought for heavy-duty ball screw manufacturing.


Project 308: High-performance servo motors

The promoter is a CNC machine manufacturer with a 33% market share in the Chinese market. The company was founded in 1991 and today has assets of 102 million euros. 2200 employees produce CNC controls (already 400 000 systems have been delivered), industrial robots, injection molding machines and modernize metalworking machines. Cooperation is sought for the design, manufacture and sale of high performance servo motors.


Project 305: LED technology

With a registered capital of 2.5 million euros, the client develops and produces energy-saving industrial products. LED is one of them. As the 4th company in the world with a self-developed MOCVD technology, this company manufactures devices and lighting fixtures with LED. A partner is sought for supply of hard and software, production, sales, etc.


Project 304: Extraction of non-ferrous metals

The promoter is a prominent industrial group with registered capital of 122 million euros and assets of 8.5 billion euros. The main lines of business are mining of non-ferrous metal ores and metallurgical extraction of non-ferrous metals. Partners are sought for the supply of machinery equipment in mining and metallurgy. Formation of joint ventures can also be sought.


Project 302: Wastewater treatment plant

The same promoter of Proj. 301 is looking for a partner to provide advanced technology with machinery equipment for urban wastewater treatment or to build and operate a wastewater treatment plant together with him, also cooperation in sales.


Project 301: Power plant with waste incineration

The promoter has been operating municipal waste management services for 12 years with 18,000 employees. The registered capital is 156 million euros, assets 3 billion euros. The latter is looking for a cooperation partner in sales and in technology transfer in machinery equipment or to build and operate a power plant with waste incineration together with it.



Offers from Germany:


Brief description of the projects, are published at The keywords are listed below:


Project 201: Robot and automation system

Project 202: Mechanical and plant engineering

Project 203: Fine boring tools

Project 204: Aluminum foundry

Project 205: Carbide and diamond tools

Project 206: Precision machining

Project 207: Control and measurement systems in the high temperature range

Project 208: Plastics technology and mold making for automotive industry

Project 209: Vacuum forming of thermoplastics and polyurethane processing

Project 210: Mechanical machining of complex large parts

Project 211: Furniture factory

Project 212: Car parts in plastic

Project 213: Metal parts

Project 214: Transformers

Project 215: Precision aluminum castings

Project 216: Castings for automobiles

Project 217: High-tech metalworking

Project 218: Perforated plate machining

Project 219: Monocrystalline silicone crystals

Project 220: Returnable packaging for white goods

Project 222: Car parts with tool and jig making

Project 224: Plastic car parts with mold making

Project 227: Thermoformed plastic parts


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